2019 Nov 18
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Introduction Of IUMEX

  The specialized exhibition of equipment and used machinery will be held on November 8-10, 2019 in Tehran's Boostan Goftego Exhibition hall. Considering that the market of second-hand machinery is always important in  different countries and industries and  depending on the economic and productive conditions of each country, it has experienced ups and downs over time,nowadys in Iran is more vital and it is ...


Goals Of IUMEX

The question that arises in this area is that  why the market for second-hand machineries is increasing and growing? In answering this question,  we should point out that one of the most important reasons for the growth of this market in Iran and its attractiveness among various industries is the dependence of the Iranian machine-building industry on foreign items and components. The rise in the price of currency and the creation of domestic sanctions and laws for importing goods has made it harder for industrialists and domestic producers, and ...

Specialized Exhibition of Used Machinery and Equipment on 30 October to the fist of November 2019
in Bostan Goftogo in Tehran
Simultaneously with the specialized conference on the export of industrial machinery and equipment with the affluence of internal industry and evaluation of opportunities and challenges will be discussed in cooperation with Iran Trade Development Organization.
Given the current economic situation in Iran and the willingness of Iranian producers to use machinery, equipment and production lines, such an event has been widely welcomed